About Hellofixit

Fixits (handyman, contractor, service provider)

We can help boost your business by providing a web page with photos from your previous jobs. Customers who see you and your work will feel more comfortable hiring you.

Hellofixit can also give you exposure to out of town property owners who might not have otherwise found you.


Avoid making 20 phone calls to find a handyman for your job. You can see if the Fixit you want is available just by looking at their page.

Fixits post their schedule as green, yellow, or red for each upcoming week so you don't have to waste time trying to hire someone who is already booked up.

Out of town property owners

Whether you are a landlord living out of state or you just inherited a house, you need someone local to make repairs for you.

Hellofixit specifically asks our independant Fixits to take pictures before, during and after all their work. You will be able to see the photos and their daily progress report so you have no ambiguity about what is being done on your job.

Real estate agents

Seller's agents need to get repairs done so a house will pass FHA inspection or just because the buyer's amendment asks for it. With Hellofixit you can see who has the skills and the time to get your job done on short notice.

If your seller doesn't have the funds for the repairs, not to worry. We specialize in "Fix it now, pay when it sells." We bill the title company directly and pick up a check after closing.